Saturday, September 7, 2013

If you'll believe in me I'll still believe

artwork by Eugene John Hughes


Chelsea the daughter went to the zoo and I don't have anyone to plaaaaay with.

All Josie the kitty wants to do is sleep.

Dwayne the boyfriend is complaining about not being able to move or some such nonsense. (Like RA and being confined to a wheelchair is such a big deal! ... Kidding...kidding!)

And Chelsea's best friend the front-room floor-sleeping computer bandwidth-stealer is, you guessed it, on the computer.

I'm loooooooooonely.



Okay, I'm back. I was interrupted by Dwayne, who decided to talk to me after all. I told him I was doing a blog post and he wanted to know my nom de plume... What? 

When Dwayne asks weird questions, he's always leading into something. This time, it's because he'd been watching Craig Ferguson talk about JK Rowling's new novel that she'd released under a different name. 

Dwayne said, "Why do you think she did that?"

I said, "Well obviously, because there is still a glass ceiling keeping women from making as much money as men, etc., etc."

I was on a roll, too, when Dwayne stopped me. 

"We are talking about JK Rowling, right? You do know she probably made more money off the Harry Potter books than any author has on any books, ever?"

I hate to lose, even if we're not having an argument.  So I feebly offered up,

"Well, why do you think she used initials instead of her real name to begin with? Huh?"

Dwayne bugs me. He's the only one who can consistently counter my arguments. Soooooo annoying.

He's my inspiration. A year ago at this time he was walking. Well limping, painfully, but still walking.

Today, he can't go anywhere without the wheelchair. He just turned 46 this week.

He lives in constant pain, but he's still always there for me.

Except...well, Patty Griffin is coming to town next month. I love Patty Griffin. If you've ever looked at my profile, there's three things listed under music...two I've already talked about, and Patty Griffin.

Anyway, he's there for me EXCEPT when it comes to things he doesn't want to do, then he pulls the RA card.

"I can't go. I can't walk down there."

"I'll push your wheelchair."

"I can't sit for that long."

"Well, crap."

That's usually where the discussion ends. :)

I love my Dwayne. You just wait until he gets his new knees...