Monday, September 16, 2013

Those days are gone...

Toast Strips

'We gotta do something about this food situation.'


I am hungry.

I've always been a picky eater.

I grew up in Kentucky at my grandma's table and was expected to eat what she made. Luckily, my brother got there first and paved the way for me. There were epic battles between John and Moma at the table, Moma not letting him up until he ate his food, and John falling asleep at the table after sitting there for hours.

So by the time I came along, it was just much easier to let me eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of argue about it.

I don't LIKE beans and cornbread.
I won't eat fried chicken.
I hate green beans.
I never, ever eat ham.
Just thinking about broccoli casserole makes me sick.
I don't eat barbecue.
I don't like spaghetti.
I don't like ice cream. 
I don't like fruits and vegetables. 
I don't eat beef or pork.
And now my neurologist has taken me off of chocolate and any kind of nuts, including my all-time favorite, peanut butter.

So I've basically been living on strawberry Pop-Tarts and microwave popcorn.
And buttered toast.

Sometimes for supper I'll have a frozen Totino's cheese pizza.

See! We gotta do something about this food situation!

So okay. Let's make a shopping list of the things I will tolerate that might be more healthy than Pop-Tarts:

  • Salmon (baked or grilled...both yummy)
  • Tuna (I'll share with my cat, we both like this)
  • Grapes (the one fruit I can actually tolerate)

Okay, I'm done. If anybody has any other suggestions, please let me know... because I really am very hungry.