Monday, September 30, 2013

Home and so tired...

Family trip down to London, Ky., in the Appalachian foothills, this weekend.
Well, not all the family this time, just nine of us. 
It's still exhausting.

My mom is really from Blackwater, but since that is up and back in the holler, you can't find it on a map. It's just easier to say London.

We went to the cemetery:

Then we went into town for the World Chicken Festival and saw the World's Largest Skillet:

The kids had a great time at the fair with all the rides and booths...I went back to the car and had a nice little nap.

This morning, we stopped by one of my favorite places:

Chelsea and I got our pictures taken...I don't know why Chelsea has such a peculiar expression on her face - she's wearing a pretty skirt! 

We spent money inside...we always do:

We stopped at's some painted hands:

We visited my favorite gallery:

We also stopped and got fudge but I didn't take a picture of that because it's not fair. No chocolate, no peanuts - I can't eat any of the good stuff :( .

Yay! That's where the story ends, because that's where my pictures stop. So, this is the abridged version. :)

Dwayne came over to babysit while I was gone; my kitty wasn't thrilled and Chelsea's bestie was less so. HAHAHAHAHA...

That really makes this whole exhausting effort so worthwhile...