Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fifteen pills.

I counted 'em. All in all, I will have swallowed fifteen pills today.

I say 'will have' because I haven't taken the Ambien yet.

I get made fun of often by my friends and family. I'm low-key, laid back, and I speak slowly. I have a southern slur. When I talk to customers over the phone who are from New York, I can hear their impatience. "Will she ever get this sentence out?!" LOL...

I say 'wow' and 'cool' a lot.

The point is, everyone thinks I'm on drugs. And I am. But not the kind that everyone thinks I'm on.

And the realization that today I will have swallowed fifteen pills has me just a little down.

Yes, I was hospitalized twice last year. But I'm getting stronger every day. I'm making a comeback. Do I REALLY need all this?

I don't want to be an idiot who starts feeling better, stops taking her medicine, and then has a catastrophe happen.

So...never mind then. Carry on.

On a completely unrelated note, I wonder if doctors get some kind of kickback from pharmaceutical companies?