Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I am what I am...

So I am really excited about this new Metallica film coming out, right? But I think I'm the only one...

I can usually depend on Chelsea to back me up on all things Metallica. I did raise her right, after all. But she went all bah, humbug on me...if it's not the real thing, she's not interested, apparently.

I dragged Dwayne out at midnight to see the last Metallica movie...this was like ten years ago or something and he is still complaining about it. Dwayne's music tastes are more toward Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and other things that I don't like. My tastes are more eclectic, I like a lot of indie music, songwriter stuff. And Metallica.

Way, way, way before Dwayne and I started dating...I was just a 16-year old girl who was only allowed to go to concerts if I went with my big brother. Now that I think about it, my poor brother! He was 21 years old, going to concerts with his best friends Rich and Dwayne, and being forced to take his little sister and her friends.

That's how we saw Aerosmith back in the day, and Bon Jovi...and how I distinctly remember a drunken 21-year old Dwayne hitting on one of my 16-year old friends (my brother had made it clear that I was off limits, LOL). Ugh.

Concerts. You go to so many in your life, it's hard to keep track of all that you've been to, right? I believe the last one I went to was last summer, when I saw Kris Kristofferson at the Iroquois Amphitheatre. It was outside. In the summer. Meaning I would never have voluntarily chosen to go, but my grandpa had bought the tickets and asked me specifically to go with I went, and it was awesome spending some one-on-one time with him.

The only time I've seen Metallica in concert was in 1992. They happened to come to town when I was four months pregnant with Chelsea. I had no choice. I had to go. What if it was my only chance? Is that scandalous? A pregnant unwed teenager at a Metallica concert?

Sounds like a show on MTV.

But anyway, this has been a very rambling post, and I think I had a point... I have two great musical loves. My first is and always will be Dolly Parton - I've seen her in concert three times, her music makes me happy. My second is Metallica - for 25 years and counting their music has made me happy (don't ask me how), and I'm going to see the movie if I have to go BY MYSELF.

So there.