Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You've got to see what tomorrow brings...


I hate to leave stuff incomplete, but my December photo challenge ended on Day 25 for me. The stupid camera on my stupid iPhone stopped working. 

Stupid technology.


It's finally 2014, and you know what that means? 

Well, it's a little ridiculous to even say it, but I can't help myself...

My blog's 10-year anniversary is almost here!!!

I feel really old even thinking about it. 2/16/04 is the actual date I started blogging. I was working and going to school and Chelsea was 11 and when I read back on it I was so busy and healthy and doing all the things I loved, it hurts a little to see it. I'd love to be that person again.

So, I might revisit some of my favorite old posts...or not. I dunno. I just think it's a cool milestone, but then again, it ages me terribly, LOL!


Happy New Year and I hope we all have a wonderful 2014...