Tuesday, February 21, 2006


In the summer of 1998, I was laid off my job and spent the entire summer out of work...
So what did I do that summer?...The first time I had ever not worked since I was old enough to hold a job?...
Well, during the day, I enjoyed being able to spend my daughter's summer vacation with her.
And at night until early morning, I was online...EVERY NIGHT, ONLINE...on good old AOL, playing Trivia, lurking in newsgroups, and IM-ing with my big brother...
I remember that summer fondly!  But then of course, August came and I went back to work.
But I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed totally wasting my time online, until now, when I'm off work again and can't seem to tear myself away from the computer. 
So is the computer an efficient time-saver, or a total time-sucker?
Today I reached my discomfort level with my stupid cast and had my mom take it off and redo everything.  The physical therapist last week had split it open so it was only in a half-cast, and something about the way she re-wrapped it was just killing me...
So when my mom finally got to the inner wrappings, you could see the indentations in my skin where the p.t. had wrapped it too tight.  No wonder it was bothering me so much!  Then I felt stupid for waiting so long before doing something about it...
But the incision is looking really good, no infection, and the bruising and swelling is down.  Yay!  And now I have it rewrapped and I am soooooo much more comfortable...thanks to Doctor Mom!
My daughter's middle school field trip this year is to Washington DC...and against my better judgment I sent the deposit in for us to go.  I really can't afford it this year, but I talked myself into it because it'll be much less expensive going with a group as opposed to going alone.
(But the problem with going with a group is...you know, THE GROUP.)
This'll be my third visit to DC...it's been almost twenty years...I'm so excited!  Abraham Lincoln, here I come...


  1. Oh yeah...nothing like being on line for hours on end...sometimes I wonder where my night goes!!  LOL

    Thank God for doctor mom!!!  They are the best aren't they?

    Wow...are you lucky!!  New York last year...and now DC!!!  I hope you and C have a wonderful time!!!  :)  


  2. I got laid off in June of 94, what a blast! My boss was like, sorry I have to lay you off, yippee for me!!!!! lol I spent my summer just like yours, with the kids. I didn't have a computer at the time, so I read alot! I was single at the time so it was kinda nice having the evenings after the kids would be in bed to read, listen  to the radio get a long hot bath ect. We were extremely poor in money but exceptionally rich in having a great time together, we found alot of free things to do! I loved that summer and I have wished to have another just like it again someday! lol Glad your feeling better!

  3. LOL !!!  I can relate onspending a little too much time on-line.  Hey, it's fun though.
    Hugs,  ~Rhonda~