Saturday, March 4, 2006

trying to find a way...

My kitty is sleeping, curled up on the floor beside me...
I just had some Tagalongs and a diet Pepsi... There may be a better time of year than Girl Scout Cookie time, but right now I can't think of it.
I've had lots of time for reflection since I've been off work...and lots of time for sleeping.  Sleeping and reflecting...
My daughter's grades and behavior have improved by great leaps and bounds since I've been off work.  It makes me so ashamed.  Obviously, a lot of her problems could have been alleviated by me spending more time with her instead of at work.  She needs me...I don't know how come I didn't see it.
When I go back, I'll have to cut out any overtime, EVER...I'll also have to make sure I start going in early so I can get off early and be home with her.  This is easy stuff that I could and should have done before now.  I'm also going to look into transferring to a job with different hours...enough said...
We just watched 'Elizabethtown''s so strange typing that name out in full because, around here, we just call it E-town.  I vaguely remember when the movie was being filmed here in Loo-uh-vul because there were sightings of the beautiful people all around town...
And now I feel bad for not paying more attention when they were filming, or when it came out in theaters, because the movie ROCKS...and not just because it has Mr.Beautiful Orlando Bloom himself in it! 
This movie has everything that I showcases my beautiful city and state and all the wonderful people who live has awesome music...and it dictates the importance of The Road Trip.  It's MY perfect movie...
It even had Derby glasses.


  1. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have had girl scout cookies!!  We have no one around here that has kids that sell them!!  :(  

    Every day is a learning experience for us parents.  Kids don't come with instructions, sure wish they did sometimes.  We often wonder if some of Josh's learning issues are because Jim is never home.  :(  I hope things work out for you!!  

    I have never seen that movie!!  :x  


  2. Isn't it amassing what a little reflection can do for ya?  It's not always easy to know how to raise our kids, but they sure are a blessing.  Bless always, Rhonda

  3. Oh Tagalongs. Yummy. I ordered 2 boxes this year. I got Trefoils. I like them, but I love tagalongs! The girl made a mistake and I didn' t have the heart to say anything! So Rain had bought a box at school and came home with 5 still in the box. I ATE THEM ALL!!!! lol So I think I did good. 5 tagalongs for a year! I alomst got Elizabethtown tonight! But we got Harry Potter instead. Now I can't wait to get it! lol Thanks for the tip!

  4. You know it was also filmed in Versailles, my home town (sob). I watched it in a movie house when it first came out and had to fight back tears through out it all. Loved the scenes in Cave Hill cemetery! Loved all the location. I just did not like the scene with Susan S. on the stage. I know it was  "all about her"...I just hated it. But then, it got really good again with the band and Free Bird....glad you are feeling better and your daughter is reaping rewards too.