Wednesday, February 15, 2006

slighty loopy...

...that is my mood at two in the morning when I'm so tired and I'm vicodined up...
I don't know how much longer I'm supposed to be having pain from this Stupid Surgery but I've had quite enough, thank you...I planned on a nice vacation from work but instead all I've done is sleep, and pain, and sleep, and pain...what's up with that?!
One good thing...D and my mom and my grandma are all taking turns driving my daughter to school and back, and picking up anything I need at the store...they're not letting me drive at all.  Mom says it's because I'm still on pain meds and it would be too awkward one-handed anyway.  D is WAY less tactful and says the actual truth, that I'm a bad driver under NORMAL circumstances, and there's no way they can let me drive now...
Well...they can laugh at me and my bad driving all they want...I have a few weeks off of taking my daughter to school every day and getting in our regularly scheduled morning drive/fight, that means life is sooo much better!
Going to bed now...kitty's on my pillow...she's so sweet!


  1. oh lmao...I feel ya on the fights with the daughter in the morning...I just had mine regular scheduled argurment....lmao.....


  2. Sounds just like my hubby and calling off Josh from school today in a little snow storm...said he didn't want me to get in an accident with the bad tires on the car...ha!  He just hates the way I drive and doesn't trust me in snow!!  (So I know how ya feel!)
    Feel pain free soon!!!


  3. Yucky Poo!!!  I don't like pain either.  It's probably a good thing you have slept through a lot of that pain.  Other wise it might be Yucky Poo all the way.  Sorry about the pain.  I know it's not fun.  This too shall pass.  Feel better soon...

    Thank you for your comments in my journal.  Smile.  *Hugs*  from, ~Rhonda~