Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Why so long...

12.45 am...
Kitty is curled up on my bed, asleep...
I'm having total pain and discomfort in both hands...
My surgery was originally scheduled for my right hand first.  But then a couple of weeks ago a cyst appeared on my left hand, which put that ahead of the right in terms of pain, so at my pre-op appointment Monday I switched hands on them.  
Just a few misgivings about the late switch, because as I went from one testing room to the other, they would say, "Okay, WHICH hand?"
I'm picturing waking up in recovery with BOTH hands done at the same time...or NO hands at all...
I had to go to physical therapy...I'm of the opinion that physical therapists are MEAN.  She's showing me the exercises that I'll need to do after my surgery and she's making me copy her and I'm in so much pain and then she asks me that stupid question..."On a level of 1 to 10, how much does it hurt?" 
I don't normally curse, but I really wanted to scream at her..."13, you %!#$!, is that what you want to hear?!"
I've totally slacked on my journals...I swear I'm trying to catch up.  It's just so hard to type when your fingers are numb and you can't move your wrists because it hurts so bad.
I'm turning thirty-three on the 7th and then I'm having surgery on the 10th.  I'm OLD and I'm falling apart.
I'm going to cuddle my kitty now...she's soooo cute!  She doesn't care that mommy is old...she loves me!
(Well really, I'm the one that feeds her, of course she loves me!)


  1. Take your time and just get better!!!  We will always be here.  :)  

    Sure hope your surgery goes okay!!  You are in my thoughts and prayers!!  

    I miss you!!!


  2. I can tell you are not one for pain.  I'm not either.  I pray that the surgery goes well for you.  Happy B. Day!!  Hope you get better soon.   Be good to your self.  Hugs,  ~Rhonda~