Saturday, July 23, 2005

A hush...

I'm trying to type quietly so as not to wake the kitty, who's sleeping on my desk.
She was sleeping on me, and I was typing one-handed.  Then I moved a little.  How dare I?!  She showed me...
We took the kitty back to the vet for the umpteenth time Friday because her cough is worse worse worse, and the vet said she has pneumonia and it was very serious and she could die from it.
That was enough to send me into tears...the vet quickly backpedaled and said that because she's gained weight in the past week and she's still alert and playful, they're not keeping her.  They just changed her antibiotic (for the third time) and sent us home with a prescription and we have to take her back in a week, but keep an eye on her if she gets worse.
Even her 'meows' are hoarse.
We did get a laugh out of the pharmacist at Walgreens, when we dropped off the kitty's prescription...she's on Zithromax now...I think the pharmacist must have been new because she asked for the date of birth, and I said, "She's a cat," and the pharmacist just looked at me, and looked at her computer...then went into the back...
When we picked up the prescription later that evening, I said, "I need to pick up a prescription for 'G------'", and a different pharmacist working then, "First name?," and I said, "Well, my name is Michelle, but the prescription is for my kitty...," and she said, "Your cat's name?"...
So I brought home the prescription that had been filled for 'Josie The Cat G------'.
Took my daughter to Holiday World for her birthday on Thursday.  It was so HOT AND HUMID!  My daughter had a great time.  I tried my hardest not to whine and whine and whine, because usually that's my daughter's job...let me just say sunburn...on my right arm and shoulder...ouch ouch ouch...
I finished reading the Half-Blood Prince...the world is a darker, sadder place...the end of the book raised many questions I'm hoping the last one will answer, and until then, I'm so :(


  1. Awww!!!  Your poor kitty!!  I hope she will be okay!  :(  They sure can tug at your heart strings can't they?  And amazing the love you feel for her, it's the best, isn't it?  Please keep me updated!!  
    This heat and humidity is the worst isn't it?  Enough to keep me away from the zoo and those penguins!!!  ick!  Just think of rotting fish and penguin poop and pee...and it's right when you walk in the zoo too!!  ick!  Now, you should remember your sunblock next time!!!!  ;)  Glad C had a great time!!  :)  

  2. Awww, your poor kitty!  It's rotten when they're so ill isn't it, I hope the new anti-biotics get to work quickly and have her feeling lots better.  Lol at the two pharmacists, and you coming home with 'Josie the cat' on the filled prescription!  Now, try not to move again, kitty is sleeping ;o)
    Sara   x

  3. I remember picking up scripts for my kitty. I always got funny looks when the pharm wanted to give instructions to the "patient"...stuff about taking meds on a full stomach and junk. LOL I told them I would "tell" my cat all that stuff. ;-)

  4. I wondered where you would get animal scripts filled! lol

  5. PS. when we get our dogs paperwork from the vet, it is filled out.... Starr Nicole H....! Yes the kids gave her a middle name. I think is sounds like a porn star, but the kids liked it so be it! lol

  6. (((michelle))) I hope kitty feels better soon :o(   First C with all her antibiotics now kitty..... I'll keep Josie in my prayers. Get some aloe for that suburn and take it easy girlie. Everything will out just fine ;o)