Sunday, July 3, 2005

Cautious dreams...

Thursday evening, we came home from C's school volleyball meeting and she went out in the backyard for a little while.

She came running back in a few minutes later, ALL excited about the stray cat she found in my grandma's backyard (next door).

"That's nice," I said, and went back to reading my book.

But then twilight came and she still hadn't come inside.  I went out to retrieve her and found her sitting on the ground by the fence that separates our backyard from my grandparents.  She'd been playing with the cat for all that time.

"I can't leave her, Mommy.  She's lonely...and look how skinny she is, she's obviously hungry.  Can't we just feed her something?"

I've heard variations of this from her over the years.  I never had a pet growing up...and C's never had one.  I wouldn't even know where to start.  But standing there in the backyard at twilight, I made that life-changing decision...

"C, stay here...I'm going to the store to buy some catfood!"

Obviously, the years and years of begging has worn me down, as well as the ELEVEN stuffed kitties that now occupy our home, and not to mention the endless pictures of adorable kitties I see from colleagues at work and my friends online, most especially my dear friend Julie, who I know is rolling on the floor laughing now!

Our new cat's name is Josephine...we've decided that she's a girl even though we're really not sure yet.  We're taking her to the vet this week.  If she turns out to be a boy, her name is... Joseph!  LOL!

I'm going to look at my new cat now.  She's really C's cat, but I'm sharing in the excitement, as this is my first pet's lovely and scary and entertaining and, oh yeah, PRICEY!