Monday, July 18, 2005

No lines...

I keep waiting for things to return to normal...HAH!...what's normal?
I gave blood at the blood drive at work on Friday, for the first time in five years, because they've finally changed that rule (I've been eliminated since 2000 because I had lived in Europe for more than six months since 1980...they have finally changed it from six months to five years, so my three years are finally okay! Yay!)
I didn't used to have a problem giving blood, but I guess because it's been so long, I've gotten rather attached to it...I felt really faint and queasy, seeing it go away from me in that BIG BAG...bye blood...
My daughter's volleyball fundraiser was Saturday morning at 7 a.m.... yard sale/car wash... and oh boy, THAT was really fun, sitting in the 100% humidity for hours and hours while your daughter is her usual cheerful and not at all rude self (I'm being sarcastic there)...
And then we had her birthday party that same evening (her actual birthday is on Thursday)...
My grandmother graciously allowed me to have the party over at her house, because my house is trashed while we're redecorating (and now that I'm writing this I'm not sure if I even said 'thank you' again after it was over? oh my gosh I'm as rude as my daughter, obviously that's where she gets it from...)
The combination of losing a gallon of blood the day before (okay, a pint or whatever it was), and a gallon of sweat that morning, and sitting in the heat all day, and getting a sunburn, and running ALL OVER town between the yard sale and the party, resulted in a very exhausted me and I totally crashed at the party.  I think I slept for at least two hours on my grandma's couch...
My family spoiled C, as usual. 
And D, always the ultimate in spoiling her, bought her a portable DVD player
Oh. My. Gosh.  Maybe she'll let me borrow it...
Whatever.  Maybe THEY spoiled her, but I don't see THEM subjecting themselves to what I'm going to have to do...
I bought her two tickets so that we could go see Hilary Duff in concert next month. 
It's what C REALLY, REALLY wanted...
I tried to convince D to go with her instead, but he said...well, I can't write in print what he said, but it was along the lines of a very firm 'NO'. 
I've banged my head at Metallica and KISS concerts...I've clapped my hands at Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks concerts...I've mellowed out at Rod Stewart and Beach Boys concerts...
but this one really has me nervous!  How do you act at a concert THAT YOU'RE TAKING YOUR THIRTEEN-YEAR OLD TO?
Good night... :(


  1. OMG!!!  Of all things....Hilary Duff!!!!   LMBO!!!!  Boy...are you gonna have fun!!!  Screaming teenage, fun, fun!!!  LOL!!!  (sorry)  And you got to see Garth Brooks???????  I am soooooo jealous!!!!  I use to have the hugest crush on him....till he dumped his wife for that other chick...totally turned me off.  I still like his music tho.  :)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (late) C!!!!!!  Sounds like you had a great day!!!  :)


  2. That was like me taking my daughter to New Kids on the Block!

  3. Hillary Duff? Ouch. Bring ear plugs and a book to read. LOL ;-)

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Yes, what is normal?  LOL!!!!  I cannot give blood anymore and I will tell you why in an owlpost.  I use to faithfully give blood at the last place where I worked.  It is very rewarding and you are saving lives doing that.  One tends to feel a little weak after that, but don't have any doctor so CBCs or do bloodwork on you because it will register as being anemic.  It happened to me once and I was not really anemic.

    Daughters, daughters and the daddies spoil them.  I never even heard of a portable DVD.  You will have to tell us more about it.  I am glad the party went well.  Your grandmother is sure generous just like your the rest of your family and yourself.  You are not rude at all.  Everyone forgets.

    Did you get the Harry Potter book?  


  5. Happy Birthday C! What an awesome thing to do mom! I wouldn't worry about being nervous because your "the coolest" mom right now! hehe
    Just clapp your hands, sing along and smile!