Monday, July 11, 2005

Tales of the kitty...

Our new kitty is four months old.  C has named her Josephine Haden, or 'Josie' for short.
She's taken over our life...our checkbook...
The vet gave us a ton of medicine for her, which she doesn't like at all, at all, at all...
I'm having trouble convincing her to sleep in her bed...every morning I wake up and guess where she is?  In my bed, lying either down on the corner by the window, or up on my pillow...
My daughter is in heaven...she brushes Josie's fur every her a bath with 'kitty wipes'...she even is cleaning out her litter box without complaining.
She's also vacuuming every day, at my insistence...she IS complaining a little about that!
I've learned the real meaning of 'scaredy-cat' - all we have to do is walk by and the kitty jumps a mile and runs away...and 'curious as a cat' - if it's there, she will find it!
She's got black and orange fur, with a tiny bit of white and cream mixed in on her paws and can brush her fur all day but the moment you let her go it's all crazy again.
And she's awake right now, playing...(that may be a euphemism for trying to tear up the furniture and the carpet with her cute little claws...the cute little claws may be a problem...)
(just a minute)
She just knocked over all the books on the bookshelf by my window, and so is now lying on my bed, pretending like she's asleep.


  1. Cats sleep wherever they want.  Give it up--your bed IS her bed.  On the bright side, they are easy and loyal and love their humans.  And if you go out of town you just get a neighbor to come feed them once a day--no expensive Kennel costs.  Give your kitty a scratch for me.

  2. I love kittens!!  
    She sounds so cute, and what a name!  
    Josephine Haden :o)
    I like it!
    Sara   x

  3. HEY did you come steal our new kitten?  Cause you described our little heathen....Her name is Charity....hehhehee


  4. Awww!!!  I am so happy for both you and C.  The first cute little pet!!!  (Notice how I say first!!  wink - wink)  She sounds like a very cute little kitten.  Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!  :)


  5. You got a kitty bed... and you think the kitty is going to sleep there at night.. bwahahahahahaha! Welcome to the world of cats. First, be aware that anything that is yours is hers.. including your bed. Oh, and in case you haven't heard. Dogs have masters, Cats have servants!  Enjoy your kitty. She sounds absolutely adorable!

  6. LOL This brought back some memories. Key to the claws? Keep them trimmed. Have the vet show you how (just trim at an angle and avoid the "quick" the v shaped pinkish area at the base of the nail). Buy some stainless steel claw clippers and trim once a week. Your furniture and carpet will thank you. ;-)

  7. I love cats, CT does not so love cats. Rain has been begging for a cat, but it is a no no. I told her the only way a cat could live here is if CT didn't. She said, "Ok, when's he movin out?" Teenagers!!!!!! COngrats on your new baby! lol

  8. Hi Sweetie,

    Thanks for stopping by the other day.  I am so glad you also love Harry Potter.  Does your daughter also like his books.  Well only, 10 hours and 45 minutes left.

    Now on Josephine, sounds so cute and cuddly.  Yes, they tend to shy away from people.  Once she gets more used to both you and your daughter, she will start coming to both of you more.


  9. awww....kittens are so cute!  Our two little ones are ruling the household. Yesterday they caught and killed one of the girls' gerbils, so now they are in the doghouse. (Cathouse has other connotations!)

    love, Kas

  10. lol. Sounds like Ms. Josie Kitty is exactly what you both needed!
    They are so lovable and playful! We need to see some pics chicy ;o)

  11. well I do not have much to wright  really so I have a cat  her name is nemo
    and she is just pregnant and I will never  ever sale my kittens to any one

    she is my life