Sunday, August 7, 2005

The World Crashes All Around When Michelle Comes Back to her Journal...

...only, I think about it all the time, but things are so out of kilter right now.
ANYWAY, enough about that...
I started watching Animal Planet recently...I thought my kitty might like to see the animals, so we watch it together at night before we fall asleep.
Only, she falls asleep right away, and I've become hooked on 'Animal Cops'. 
Right now, both my daughter and my kitty have fallen asleep on my where am I going to sleep?  There's no room! 
My daughter has a very cool room, with her TV and her VCR/DVD and her computer and PS2 and her floor to ceiling why does she always want to be on MY computer, and then watch TV on MY bed, and then fall asleep there?
I guess I could sleep on the couch... :(
and I guess it's obvious who rules the house...and it isn't me...