Tuesday, June 28, 2005


D called me today, as C and I were on our way back from the orthodontist.
D: "What are you doing?"
Me (very tersely): "Oh, I'm sitting in the car with C..."
D (laughing): "Oh, is she full of happiness and joy..."
As he said that, she was in the passenger seat, grumping and grumbling under her breath about how I was mad at her no matter how much I assure her really, I'm not, and how much her teeth hurt and how no one understands her...
So D gets on the phone with her and, VOILA! she's a different child, talking about her new braces on her bottom teeth and how she got to pick out the colors (lavender, sparkly purple, and plum, thank you very much!), and how we're going to Fazoli's so she can have spaghetti since that's easy to chew...
I live with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Sometimes she's still my little girl, like today when she took not one, but TWO stuffed kitties with her to the orthodontist's office, to guard against probable pain...
And sometimes she's an insufferable almost teen, like today with her patented "Are you mad at me...Yes, you are!  I don't see why, I didn't do anything, whine whine whine..."
No, really, life is so much fun here!  That whole split personality thing really keeps me on my toes! 


  1. Summer and kids...what is it???  Josh is six and acts like a teenager wanting to stay up all night and party!!  C...that's too cute with her kitties tho.  :)

    Oh...and I will be right down to go to your dentist k?  LOL


  2. oh my good luck I have one of those too...lmao...She hates me most of the time and loves her daddy all of the time...little brat!
    She is 13....

  3. Lavender, sparkly purple and plum?  How cool is that!!
    They always take it out on the one that means the most.  They, being everyone really!  No fun when it's you though is it!
    Sara   x

  4. This sounds so much like my granddaughter that I think you have a cloned twin living with you.  LOL  Pennie

  5. hestiahomeschoolJuly 2, 2005 at 3:28 PM

    Tabby's moods change quickly...she is going to have to get braces. I am sure she will love all the colors.

  6. Hi Sweetie,

    I finally made it here.  I see in the time that I was gone, she has already turned into a teen ager.  You and her will always be close though.  What matters is that she has a very good mother and you are always there for her.


  7. Oh I bet those colorful braces are so pretty! We didn't have that choice when we were younger. Don't worry about the jekyll and hyde thing...that's completely normal at their age  ;o)