Sunday, June 19, 2005

So glad it's almost midnight...

Father's Day.  Bah, humbug, I'm very glad it's over. 
Okay, my morose moment is over, too...
Went and saw 'Batman Begins' last night...I loved it!  Batman's always been my favorite...he's just your average emotionally disturbed human, like all of us are (except for that whole billionaire thing...) - ANYONE can be Batman!
Picture from Hometown
(Except for that billionaire thing, again...Batmobiles don't come cheap...)
Took my daughter with me to work on Friday for 'Take Your Kid to Work' Day - she had a great time!  She sat next to me at my desk, and for about half the day sketched pictures and generally had no interest in my job at all.
Probably because all I do is sit in front of the computer all day...she can see me do that at home! LOL!
Then she went in the breakroom and read her book and watched TV ('Lizzie McGuire', of course...), until we left for the day.
SHE says she worked hard all day, because she 1) stapled some things for me, and 2) got some things off the printer for me.  She told me today she wants to work where I work when she gets older.  I'm thinking she's imagining work being like Friday, where you go and draw and read and watch TV and get paid for it!
Doesn't that sound like a wonderful job?!  She's definitely on to something...