Wednesday, June 8, 2005

I hope this Thursday will be better than the last...

Work...last Thursday...
Supervisor called a meeting...
Passed around an anonymous letter she received about one of us, accusing one of us of unethical behavior, stealing company time, etc...
Wow.  Talk about a huge downer in the workplace.
Nobody (except our supervisor) knew who the letter was about, or who it was from. 
It's been a horrendous week since then.  Everyone feeling guilty, even those who are not...everyone wondering who wrote the letter, and no one trusts anybody anymore.  Not to mention expecting to be cut off/terminated/booted out at any moment.
It's kind of like we're on Survivor.
Next week is 'Take Your Kid to Work', and my daughter has been looking forward to it all year, after the fun she had last year.  SURELY the awfulness will be over by then...please please please...
I seriously need a day off!


  1. oh man that sucks!  


  2. What a strange way to deal with a complaint!  Why does everyone have to feel guilty and worried, why not just take the one person it was about aside and have a word about it.  Hope the awfulness is over in time for 'Take your kid to work'!!
    Sara   x

  3. I agree with Sara...what a weird way to handle it. Why NOT just confront the person that the letter was talking about??? Do you have any idea who it might be? And why a letter...why couldn't the letter writer just go to the supervisor directly. Hmm. odd.

  4. What a wonderful way to destroy employee morale.  I think that particular Supervisor needs to go back to supervisory school.  Kinda gives me the willies.  Hope it clears up before 'Take Your Kid to Work" week.  Pennie

  5. I never liked that when 'someone' would send the 'secret' note to the caused so much stress, and suspicion.  And sometimes I even wondered if it was something hte boss made up just as a way to get us all to work without the goofing around and chatting....Either way, it made work harder to go in every day.
    I can't wait to hear how C likes going to work with you this year!!  

  6. Wow. How awful and sneaky and totally breaks the unwritten code of the co-worker pack.