Monday, June 27, 2005

! ! and did I mention !

I took off work early to take my daughter to her doctor's appointment...
Only to hear my voicemail, after I get home, telling me that the doctor's office will have to reschedule today's appointment for some other time.
Normally, yay, I rejoice in getting off work early...but I'm still on special assignment and until it's over, getting off work early just means more work the next day...:(.
But I'm also not driving all the way back there, either! 
My mother and grandmother had a yard sale Saturday and roped us in to helping.  My daughter made $24 dollars.  My mom made $9.  I think my grandma made about $15.  Obviously, the answer is to let the child do the selling! 
My brother and sister-in-law and nephew came AFTER the yard sale and heavy lifting was over.  Why do my daughter and I have to help ALL DAY with the yard sale, and why do THEY get to show up after?  It's one of the great mysteries of life...
My four-year old nephew is so cute.  He came in the kitchen the other day and saw the puzzle that's been sitting there for two weeks and said, "Oooh, can I help?  I'm really good at puzzles, Aunt Michelle!"  And then he proceeded to really help me...for seven minutes before his attention span fell apart and the puzzle pieces started flying.  I had to dispatch him to the living room to play at that time...
Then my brother came in the kitchen ten minutes later and it was sooo funny...he saw the puzzle sitting there and said, "Oooh, can I help!"
I nearly choked with father, like son!
The stupid puzzle is still not done, though.  It's gotten to where I close my eyes and see puzzle pieces on my won't go away...
(subject shift)
(light bulb)
I'm thinking this unexpected free hour is the perfect time for a nap!