Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Wednesday...sheesh...can it be next year already?

24 comments on my Hubble the madness!  I'm SO not used to people visiting so much, but it was great fun while it lasted... :)
I need a pep talk...I'll give it to myself...
Self!  Stop sleepwalking through life...stop living in a fog...WAKE UP!
Since I'm sleepwalking lately, there's not much to talk about...or not much my subconscious wants me to talk there a difference?
I can't find the film for the NY trip.  I put them on top of the piano and they disappeared.  No one has any idea what happened...
I read the book Angela's Ashes this week (yes, I know the rest of the country read it years ago!), which then led me to read the book ' was very enjoyable reading 'Tis, which was set in NY.  Now that I've been there I can envision where everything is, it makes everything so much more clear!
I also just finished reading Angels & Demons, which was very very good...okay, I couldn't put the book down, it was THAT good!
I also took a break from serious reading and read a couple of my daughter's teen Meg Cabot books...I like Meg Cabot's grown-up books and since my daughter's teen books were just laying there, I just had to read them...they took about 45 minutes to read but hey! they were still good...stop laughing at me...
My daughter has slept in my bed the past two nights, because she saw a spider on the ceiling in her room.  The spider got away.
I have conflicting emotions on this...on one hand, I can TOTALLY sympathize...if the spider had been in my room, most likely I would be sleeping somewhere else, as well.  On the other hand, it is SOOOOOOOOO uncomfortable and crowded when C sleeps with me...she kicks me and elbows me (in her sleep!) and finally I get up in the morning an hour early just to get some rest!
I did a lot of talking and finally convinced her the spider was long gone and she could sleep in her room again tonight...
Sometimes it seems like being a parent is all about doing fast talking!