Friday, May 6, 2005


My alerts aren't working again...bummer...
I called D today from work to ask his opinion on how I should drive home from work, since Kentucky Oaks Day at Churchill Downs (big horse race the day before the Derby, just as crowded but more fun, kind of like the Golden Globes compared to the Oscars...) was going to cause all my feasible exits to be blocked on the expressway...
When I got him on the phone, he told me that:
1. He had talked to my brother today and I needed to call him later, to talk about Mother's Day stuff...
2. He had talked to my mom today and she wants us to set up a tent in her backyard for her Derby party tomorrow...
3. He had talked to my daughter today and she was at Kentucky Kingdom with her friend...
OKAY...LOL!...whose family is it again?  Mine?  His?  It is mine, right? 
They like him SO much better than they like me...


  1. lmao...we have that problem around here...lmao...


  2. Aww!!  I think that's the cutest!!!  I never get included in ANYTHING with my in laws...I could tell you would curl your hair!!!  lol.  He is very lucky to be so very loved!!  :)

  3. Lol, I'm sure that's not the case ;o)
    Sara   x

  4. LOL you are funny. It sounds like they really like him..that is ALWAYS a good thing!