Thursday, May 19, 2005


I just got in from the 12:10 a.m. showing of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith...
I have to get up for work in, oh, about three hours, but that's okay...
Because the movie was SO. GOOD!
Way better than Episodes 1 and 2...and I would also say way better than 6 as well...maybe even better than 4...
And the good thing is, D refused to go see it in the middle of the night (because he's so old, you know) and so I had to go see it with my sister-in-law instead...and so now I get to go see it again this weekend, with D.  I'll have to remember to take extra tissues this time.
Note 1:
There were six different midnight showings at the theater we went to...and inside our showing, I saw a former friend and co-worker of mine...and also my daughter's science and homeroom teacher, and her school counselor.
I went down and said hi to my daughter's teacher and asked her how she was going to hold up in class tomorrow...she said we all have to make sacrifices and she'd do the best she could! LOL! I can't wait to tell my daughter in the morning...
I was just imagining three people in that showing, times six showings at that theater, times five other theaters around town showing the movie at midnight times six...does that mean that possibly ninety people I know were watching Star Wars tonight at the same time I was?
Note 2: 
I saw a grown man dressed up like Chewbacca tonight.  And another dressed up like Darth Vader.  And lots of grown men with light sabers. 
My life is now complete.