Monday, December 27, 2004

Well, Hello...

Christmas Blessings 2004:
1. I am blessed by all my wonderful J-land friends, who prayed for and sent healing thoughts for and asked about my daughter...
2. I am blessed by my daughter, who, even with her leaky, itchy ear, dived right into enjoying every minute of Christmas...
3. I am blessed by Him, who managed to look over me in the past seven days and helped me take care of getting my insurance card, my license tags, my traffic ticket, my Christmas presents, my brother's birthday present, my daughter's doctor appointment...I managed to finish decorating my daughter had her oral antibiotic twice a day all week, as well as her antibiotic eardrops twice a day all week, I caught and got over a terrible headcold and cough that stuck me in bed for a day, and we had a blizzard that dumped ice and snow on the ground and then brought subzero temperatures and my car wouldn't get out of the driveway and there's still cars getting stuck around town...and yet I'm still making it...
4. I am blessed by Himself, the reason for it all...
5. Special recognition goes out this year for the most useful blessing: That of an SUV in the family when a blizzard hits the Ohio Valley three days before Christmas...The 9-12 inches of ice then snow then ice then snow meant that the roads of my city were impassable by all but four-wheel drive mom and her Ford Escape became very, very popular this week...
I've been extremely neglectful of my journal this past week...just too, too much to deal with...My daughter is doing okay...her ear has been draining for almost two weeks now, but it's less swollen than it was...I have no idea if this is good or bad...her ENT appointment will be Jan. 10.  She has been having a real problem with it itching, especially at night! We've had several sleepless nights lately, with her crying and wanting me to hold her ear...I feel like this has been going on forever...I think it has, right?
And the combination of the foot of snow outside and the girl who loves to sled and make snow angels inside was almost too much for me to take...I couldn't let her go out because of her ear...that was a rough one!
But things are good! I drove my car today for the first time since last Monday...and didn't even get stuck in the snow, like many people in my city are still doing on a daily basis...My daughter has jumped into decorating for the next holiday, Valentine's Day, and already has hearts all over her room (don't ask me what happened to New Year's, I don't know...)...We went to my brother's house for his birthday party and enjoyed a nice, restful evening (always a pleasant surprise when my brother's involved!) favorite moment of the day was watching my nephew play with my nephew is named after my was quite a wonderful sight, seeing the 74-year old J.W. sprawled on the floor playing GI Joes with his great-grandson, the 3-year old J.W....and best of all, I caught up on my journals and even got to make a journal entry!
I am...accomplished!


  1. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better... those chronic ear aches can be a pain. I hope you get to the bottom of it when you visit the ENT guy in January.... Poor Baby! Nothing is worse than an ear ache, or tooth ache... I think it's because it's your head, and you can't help but move it :(

  2. great news that she is doing a bit better...but it will be wonderful when u finally say that she is fully 100% and can go out and make sno angels...the poor kid!


  3. I knew things had to turn around for you!  Happy New Year!  Glad you are able to get around.  Thank goodness Bridget and her boyfriend S. have and SUV or they would have missed Christmas with us!  

  4. Glad to hear things are going better for you all.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. I am glad to hear your daughter is soing a little bit better...I feel so bad for her...I know how painful that is.
    I am glad to hear the happiness in your writing!!  :)  
    I hope you all had a great Christmas!!!!
    (((((((((((((huge hugs you and your daughter))))))))))))))))))

  6. I tell ya what... after this storm, me and hubby have decided to buy an suv, lol. Thank the lord that our parents have them, huh!?
    Sounds like with all the itching C is finally on her way to healing. You all have been in thoughts and prayers ;-)
    What a wonderful site to see great granddad play with JW. I bet that is a memory nobody will be able to forget! It's the youth that keep the older ones young at heart!!
    Many hugs and Blessings to you & the family!

  7. It is very strange going around and reading these entries from so long ago. It also give me great pain to say my ear has not yet fully healed. :3