Saturday, December 18, 2004

Help Wanted...

Not just is needed...
My beautiful daughter not only still has an ear infection...she has the worst ear infection she's ever had...and that's saying something from one who's had four surgeries in that ear...
Took her back to the follow-up appointment Wednesday...she was NOT better at all, at all...she was in fact much worse than she was when she went to acute care on Sunday.  The doctor changed her antibiotic...
I think this has gone on for five or six weeks least four different antibiotics...three different types of eardrops...four or five different doctor appointments...numerous phone calls to the doctor...
It's so bad now that it's obviously swollen, from the outside you can see well as a raw spot on the outside of her ear from where it keeps draining...
Since it's her weak ear I'm also worried about her eardrum possibly rupturing, but her doctor said we can't worry about it now since her ear canal is so swollen we cannot see in there to do anything about it anyway, and we have to heal that first before doing anything else. 
I'm calling an ENT on Monday...not her old one that put her through all those surgeries, this time a different, highly recommended doctor...her pediatrician said not to worry about an ENT but I can't help it, I think weeks of this is just too much, given her history.
I'll feel a litle better later on tonight, I'm just a little upset right now, having just spent a half hour doctoring her ear for the night...I'm so discouraged and worried.
We need lots of prayer...please...


  1. (((((((Huge hugs))))))))))))  for both of you.  I can only imagine how awful she is feeling.  Mine was so swollen too that they couldn't see I have totaly sympathy for her pain.  I feel so bad for her...  And for you...sometimes it hurts us Mommies just as much bacause there is nothing we can do to make that pain go away.  
    I WILL pray for her tonight...for strength for you...and for a doctor to finally help her....
    In my prayers always...

  2. ((((((((((Big hugs for both of you))))))))))  Sending lots of healing energy her way......poor sweetie, she must be miserable :(  It'll get better - I agree with you on the ENT - this has been going on since before Thanksgiving, if I remember correctly, so clearly it's beyond the skill of your pediatrician to handle......not necessarily his fault,'re entirely right to get a specialist to deal with it.

  3. awww michelle. I'm so sorry to hear c is still not better. I would be getting other dr's opinions too, especially considering her history. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how everything turns out.Sending many Hugs and Blessings to you both ;-)

  4. i feel so bad for your daughter...i know how bad ear infections hurt...they are terrible...i think u getting her to a specialist is very smart...this problem needs to be over and she can enjoy the holidays....i will deifately keep her in my prayers....thank u for the update...


  5. Oh Michelle I will keep you all in my prayers.  

  6. Oh man. I hope the new ENT can do something for her. You are right, having it go on this long is just nuts.

  7. I am sending some healing vibes your way. She shouldn't have gone on this long. I hope you get into the new ENT and he fixes her up quick.


  8. Hi Sweetie,

    I always pray for you and your daughter.  I am now going to do more prayers that her ear heals faster and that something is done once and for all.   You don't need these additional worries.  You have too much on your plate as it is.


  9. I am thinking about you both.  You call that ENT, because time will just keep slipping away and then looking back you will wonder why you were not more aggressive.  You have to be like that in the medical field sometimes, remind them who is paying.  Insurance is not free!

    On another note, the Grinch dedicated an entry to you:

  10. How's she doing on the new meds?  Merry Christmas to you both :)