Thursday, December 30, 2004

Last day...

It's my last day of work until 2005...yay!  I've been waiting for this day, I think, when I used up the last of my vacation days...they start all over again in January.
How's this for a New Year Resolution?  I WILL NOT USE ALL MY DAYS TOO QUICKLY!
I have a real's called, if I have a day off available, I WILL USE IT! What else is it for!? LOL...
So, off to work I go...last night when I came home, I got stuck coming into my's been above freezing and melting the foot of snow which isn't as good as it sounds, because now there's no traction, hence, my getting stuck...
I ended up parking half in my grandparent's driveway and half on the sidewalk, that's as far as I could go, so hopefully I won't get stuck trying to get out today...


  1. I always watch the Lou morning 11...and I saw where several roofs were collasping!  Wow!

  2. Yeah i have no traction either and the melting ice has caused me to get stuck again! Geesh! We just can't win for losing can we!?
    Borrow the explorer and enjoy your time off! Thats a good resolution, lol. Bet you can't do it :-0
    ::nana boo boo~~ giggle::
    Hugs my friend!

  3. Jim had the smae problem this vacation cuz of when his mom broke her leg...he used everything he had in February!!!!  
    I hope you don't get stuck anymore!!!