Sunday, December 5, 2004

Wishing to be, um, not me...

Picture from Hometown  
I got a ticket Friday.
The very nice police officer gave me a ticket for not having my new sticker thingy.  My tags expired in August.
I also didn't have my latest insurance card with me, but he didn't cite me for that.  He was very, very nice.
This is what I DIDN'T say to the very nice police officer:
"Thank you so much, sir, for pulling me over, because I delay and delay getting my tags every year until I'm made to do it, usually by one of your esteemed colleagues..."
I'm tired of being me.  I'm tired of driving around with expired tags all the time because I forget to do anything about it, and I'm not even really clear on how to do it because I'm leasing my car (and leasing is a very stupid thing to do, it's right at the top of the list)...and how can I remember anyway because my birthday is in February and the tags expire in August, that's totally nonsensical...and I'm tired of not having my insurance card because I lost it right after it came in the mail and I haven't had it in four months...and I could go on and on...
I'm a college graduate, for goodness' sake, and I'm very successful at my job ... I'm the mother of an almost teenager (!) ... I'm in my THIRTIES now (I can't believe I just said that) ...
So WHY do I need a keeper?
Sheesh, I feel like Arthur.
Good night.
p.s.  Once I got pulled over for expired tags (I think I've been pulled over four different times over the years for expired tags...) and I HAD the tags, they had been in my glove compartment for months, I just hadn't put them on my license plate yet.  I have never seen anyone look as exasperated as that police officer did, when he ordered me to get out of the car right then and there, and go around to the back, and PUT THAT STICKER ON MY CAR.  :) 


  1. (((((Michelle))))  I am sorry that happened to you...  :(

  2. That's no fun when that happens.  I do the same thing - I have a mental block about getting the car tagged........sigh.

  3. LOL you are too funny. I would be the same way. Lucky for me, my husband takes care of all the "car stuff" and "insurance stuff". If only he would take care of the "doctor stuff" then maybe I would finally go get my annual exams done (that are now 6 months late). ;-)

  4. On the insurance card problem:  my son did the same thing.  Just call the insurance company and have them send you another copy.  I had one sent over in 2 days.  In Georgia, insurance is now tracked through computers so you don't necessarily need it but it's always good to have.  Sorry about the ticket.  That happened to my son also.  It was a costly mistake.

  5. oh how funny! i cant believe u would forget to get those! isnt the ticket expensive for expired tabs? shame on u!  hahaha  maybe its your way to meet handsome cops!


  6. OMG! First of all i love the graphic!
    second, i can't believe you got this far on your old sticker! That's a real hoot! I could never in a million years BE so lucky! lol. I'm one of those people who will get pulled over for the tiny lightbulb being out over tag!
    Hugs & Blessings,