Tuesday, April 5, 2005


My pear trees erupted and have pretty white blossoms all over them...but what I really like are those pink trees...what are they?  They're all pink and flowery and beautiful, and then just a couple of weeks later the pink blossoms are falling off and have made a pink blanket on the grass underneath the tree...
It's like we skipped spring and went right into summer, with the temps in the high 70s and low 80s this week.  We went into daylight savings time...I stayed up all night Saturday...I've got the air conditioning running now...all of that means SUMMER to me!
My iPod is my new favorite toy ... I'm trying not to love it TOO much, because usually, you know, you love your new favorite toy so much it usually gets lost, or broken, or some other bad karma-type thing...
But I'm loving taking my music with me wherever I go...even to work...it doesn't even feel like work anymore!  Hopefully that's because it puts me in a good mood, and NOT because I'm slacking off...
...okay, this is serious, I'm going to New York in less than a week and I really don't have anything to wear.  I'm not joking.  Unless I want to do laundry at the hotel every night, I have a big problem.  OR, I guess I could slouch around the city wearing my FORD sweatpants, which I don't think will go ever well on Broadway...it might fit in okay at the ball game, though... :)
I guess I'm going to have to go clothes shopping this weekend.
Darn it. 
The only thing I hate worse than clothes shopping is, um, ... I can't even think of anything I hate worse.  All that money that could be going towards new books, being wasted instead on clothes!
It's a good thing I have a brand-new iPod to take shopping with me, so I can take the edge off!


  1. You'd be surprised what is acceptable attire to go to a broadway play. I tend to go in a pair of nice jeans and a nice shirt... The first time I went, I got all dressed up, but after looking around and seeing what others were wearing.. Well, I just went in comfy clothes after that <g> Are you getting excited?? You are going to have a great time... NYC is a blast!

  2. Anything goes in NYC. You can run around in sweatpants and a hoodie and look quite fashionable.

  3. Have awonderful time sweetie!! Take lots of photos and be careful! Talk soon...
    love & hugs,

  4. Have fun shopping.  Hope you find lots of stuff.

  5. I will trade ya the weather....we are back in the 40's.  :(  At least we had spring for a few days...  :::sigh:::
    Have fun shopping!!!  Get some new clothes...and some new books for the trip!!!  ;)

  6. Lol, I totally agree about clothes shopping, I thought I was the only female that felt that way!!  I don't know for sure, but the tree's that come to mind when you say about pink blossom's are flowering cherry tree's.  I love them too, those and the pink magnolia tree's :o)
    Sara   x