Sunday, April 24, 2005

I need a blanket...

I think I'm done writing about the trip, for least until I get my pictures developed.. I had a very productive week...I caught up on the laundry...worked overtime and finally caught up at work...and I gathered up all the disposable cameras we took to NYC and put them on top of the piano by the front door.
I'm trying to avoid a repeat of the shame that I have over last year's field trip to Chicago...I'm sure we probably have very nice pictures of that trip, but I wouldn't know, would I, because I've NEVER GOTTEN THOSE PICTURES DEVELOPED, EITHER...
I have just a tiny little problem with procrastination.
Moving forward...for the past month it's been 70-80 degrees...everything is in full was summertime here!  Then this freak cold front moved through...high winds...thunderstorms...hail...a funnel cloud touched down in downtown Louisville...and behind the cold front, oh no, it's so cold!  It's like I'm back in New York!
30 degrees yesterday and SNOWING, when it reached 80 the week before.  That's the Ohio Valley for you...
I'm standing in my living room yesterday, and I hear this airplane flying low over my house, and I think, "Hmm, that's weird."  It wasn't until I got in the car and turned on the radio that I remembered it was THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE, the kickoff to the Kentucky Derby Festival, starting with the air show downtown over the river,and culminating in the largest fireworks display in the country last night.
We never go down there...last year, roughly 750,000 people flocked to the riverfront for the festivities..the crowds and the traffic getting home always seem just too daunting.  This year, though, because it was SNOWING, there was not that big of a crowd at all...I tried to convince D that this is the year we should go, since there'd be hardly any traffic getting back home, but he told me off pretty good...something about freezing to death/am I crazy/what's wrong with you...we didn't have one of those silver survival blankets like one of those crazy people down there...LOL!
So we were at home, watching it on TV, as favorite part is the daughter likes to watch out the window, because we live close enough to downtown that she can see the sky glowing even though she can't see the actual fireworks...
"I see green, are they doing green now, Mommy?"...
"Yes, honey..."
"Ooh, red, I bet they're doing red now, aren't they..."
"Yes, sweetheart..."
"Ooh, yellow..."
This is the point where I break down and say, will you please come and watch it on the TV? Please please please... LOL!
After the show's big finale, it lives up to its name, as the shock waves from all the explosives downtown move through the really does sound like thunder, and as it moves through the house, it actually shakes the walls...
Thus the annual two week party that my city lives for is kicked off...
All this for a two-minute horse race.
Here we go...


  1. Oh my goodness...this weather has just been plain nasty! I was wearing shorts and tees last week and now I had to drag my sweatshirts back out :o(   This stinks!!!
    The KD sounds like lots of fun.... maybe someday I'll make that 2 minute race <hehe>

  2. LOL I had no idea there was all this buildup and hoopla before the race!

  3. This time of year I wish I still lived in Louisville. My daughter is having a blast.

  4. Isn't this just a lovely spring...warm one day...snow the next.  :::sigh:::  
    I love fireworks too!!  I can't tell you how many times we watched them on TV too...  :(  But, he was probably would have been really cold.  ;)  You should have told him the three of you could have all snuggled together!!  

  5. My Aunt and Uncle used to live in Louisville. (My Uncle still does, my Aunt died several years ago)... They would always plan their vacation for Race Week! AND they always went out of town <g> Hope it warms up for you all soon!