Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Excitement and such...

Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia-Pennsylvania:
The first day we made it three-fourths of the way through PA before we stopped for the night...I LOVED that first day of traveling.  When else would I get to just sit, and listen to music, and stare at amazing scenery, and think deep thoughts...and the best part was, one of my daughter's friends actually came on the trip and they sat together the whole way (seat to myself - YAY!).
That was the first day, though.  I was so sick of sitting on that bus by the time we got back home!
Notes from day 1:
1. Winston Churchill called Cincinnati the 'most beautiful of America's inland cities.'  Hmph.  I guess he never made it as far as Louisville.
2. John and Annie Glenn have a State Historic site WAY UP AND IN Ohio...I know because we passed it...I have to go there!  We like to visit Dayton, OH, anyway, to the Air Force Museum, and it's just a few hours beyond that.  If I mention it often enough to D, I'm sure I can wear him down enough and we'll go, just so he can shut me up...
3. We stopped at a shopping center on the OH-WV border for lunch.  C and I were faced with many options...should we go to Taco Bell? Wendy's? Steak n Shake?  Or, if you wanted to walk really far to the other side of the parking lot, you could go to the McDonald's inside the Wal-Mart-
It was NO CONTEST - we were already on our way...we ALWAYS go to Wal-Mart when we go out of town!
I found some great pens I've been looking for...she bought a hundred different kinds of markers, coloring pencils, and sketch pads.  Because, you know, she doesn't have anything like that...(LOL! LOL!).
4. The drive through Pennsylvania was my favorite, it was so BEAUTIFUL!
5. I now officially know what a 'hex' is and have a much better understanding of Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker (I'm just a tiny bit embarrassed about this point - I didn't know that I didn't know, if you know what I mean...)
6. In PA, I started seeing more and more barns with green roofs, or cute little red barns...it finally dawned on me that I was seeing the transition from my part of the world to what is called 'New England'. 
More coming...:)


  1. So far it sounds amazing!!!  I can't wait to hear the rest!!!  I am glad to hear the C had a friend there...I am sure that made her feel a ton better.  And getting a seat all to yourself, just your thoughts and your Ipod...I bet it was heaven!!

  2. LOL Welcome to my neck of the woods! Glad you had a nice trip.

  3. It does sound beautiful :o)
    Lol at the pens, pencils and sketch pads!
    And isn't there always a McDonalds around, even here!
    Sara    x

  4. Sounds like a great journey so far.

  5. Sounds like the first day of the trip was very beautiful and serene ;o) Glad "c" was able to bring a friend along...I bet they had a blast!! Hoping you do make a trip to dayton....that's only an hour or so from me (hehe)  
    Off to read more
    HUgs & Blessings,