Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spaces and the Lady...

We drove the rest of the way through Pennsylvania.  We drove through New Jersey.
In the distance we could see a skyline...
Yes, our leaders said, that is New York City.
Everyone oohed and aahed...the kids got their cameras out and started taking pictures, while the parents gazed thoughtfully into the distance...
It's like we were seeing two different things.  The kids were seeing the Big Apple, the Empire State Building, and an exciting adventure at hand.
All of us adults, having grown up seeing pictures of a very familiar New York skyline, could only gaze at it and think, "That isn't right..."
We couldn't see anything but the empty spaces.
Ground Zero was the first place we went to in Manhattan.  The area where the World Trade Center once stood is surrounded by buildings still being repaired...or buildings still standing but were so damaged that they're still in the process of coming down, piece by piece, all these years later.
But mostly you can't see anything but the empty space...
We went to the Statue of Liberty after Ground Zero...
that was a very good idea...
if Ground Zero made my heart hurt,
the Statue of Liberty made my heart swell with a wonderful emotion...
What is it about her?
Is it because she's tall?  Is it because she's beautiful? 
Is it because she's GREEN?
Or is it because she represents freedom and a safe haven to oppressed people everywhere?
Yes, that's it! 
Those ideals that she stands for are pure and good, regardless of politics and borders and nationalities (I threw in that nationalities part because there were an awful lot of Japanese tourists on the ferry with us...they were just as excited about her as we were!).
Well worth it...


  1. How exciting, emotional, and heart sweeling with pride!!
    I want to see ground zero...but in so many ways I don't.  I still cry for that day that will never be forgotten...we are forever changed that's for sure.  
    I can't wait to hear more!!!  

  2. Ground zero is such a heart break...we have so many happy memories involved with those two towers...romantic from the observation deck...train rides under and the shiny modern train station in...But Lady Liberty and a trip to Ellis Island's museum (did you get to go there?) really makes the heart soar. So many people sailed past that statue and put their names in the books at Ellis to find the American Dream. It's really an amazing place.

  3. The people who planned this trip certainly got it right, making sure you got to have your heart soar, after having it hurt from being at ground zero.  You described both visits and your emotions from seeing them both very well.  Both places I'm not likely to ever see, so thank you for that :o)
    Sara   x

  4. I found ground zero very sad & eerie, particulary the buildings that still stand close to it with the windows all blown out. I was excited to see the Statue of Liberty even from the distance because I thought, all they(terrorist) put this country through, she still stands proud and strong! I am glad you had a good time. Wonderful place and so neat to see it in person. Now when we watch shows that show NYC I get all excited and yell, I been there, I seen that! I am still a kid! lol

  5. Wow michelle what an emotional roller coaster this day must have been!I can only imagine what it was like seeing the skyline bare....But at least you were all able to visit the lady who represents our freedom (for ALL americans). How wonderful!!!  Jared just learned a little bit about the statue of liberty in kindergarten last week and daddy promised him someday he would take him there...
    off to the next entry ;o)
    Love & Hugs,