Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just taking up space...

I cleaned my desk off...(HUGE MOMENTOUS EVENT) looks really's been a long time since I've seen the surface of it, you know? 
I actually did a sort-of overhaul to try to make room for more books in here...It didn't really work.  I have limited space (a VERY small house) so I'm constantly trying to weed out my books to make room for new ones.  The problem is, I usually don't buy a book unless it's something I plan on keeping, so, invariably, more comes in than goes out.
The class I'm taking this semester (Radical Fiction) is taught by the same guy I had last year...and the first two books he's having us read are the same ones he made us read last time: Jack London's The Iron Heel (great book, I kept this one) and Emma Goldman's Anarchism and Other Essays.  I'm not an Emma Goldman fan, so she was in the Salvation Army bag ready to go when I first went to the class this week...thank goodness they hadn't picked up yet, I saved $$$...the moral is you should keep ALL books and just rent a warehouse to keep the excess.  Wouldn't that be awesome?
Update on daughter's ear:  Went to the doctor this week and he took the wick out with a skinny tweezer type daughter was very VERY nervous and scared, and this nurse didn't help: "Why are you here today?", and then, "Oh my goodness, that is terrible, I've never heard of this happening!"  What kind of nurse says something alarming like this in front of a child?
Doctor said to keep giving her the antibiotic eardrops until they're gone, as ear is still not better...her ear has gotten more and more swollen every day this week...I'm going to stop now because it's depressing me even more to write about this...I've latched on to January 24th as THE DAY that all of our problems will be solved!
Here's my results to this quiz, I thought it was pretty funny and accurate:
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  1. You know, I was talking to my eldest daughter who also has ear problems, and she told me that she had some antibiotic ear drops for an ear infection here about 2 weeks ago, but the drops were making her ear swell more because she was allergic to them. Just a thought because it seems so odd the poor baby is having so much trouble. I am glad you have an ENT appt. That is the best, being that  is what they do. Good luck!

  2. i cant beleive that your daughter still is having ear problems...then u take her to the dr and they sound like they were a bunch of idiots...continue giving her something that doesnt seem to be working?? hello?? maybe u should try giving her a different medicine...shheesh...your daughter is such a trooper...i just hope that this mess gets cleared up quickly for the poor thing...shes been through enough...hope u have a nice sunday...i am thinking of u both..


  3. Your poor daughter!!! I can't believe that the ear problem still isn't better... And, you should have biffed that nurse.. Geez, what was she thinking... Poor child is already sick and she's going to scare her too????

    BTW, I'm in the Geek box... like that was a surprise <LOL>

  4. The flood photo in your previous entry...yikes! And yikes about daughter's ear. That is one crazy resistent ear infection. Good luck in school!

  5. Your poor daughter!!  I have been thinking about her so much lately!  I hope the ENT will be able to help her out...seems like these other doctors just can't...and thats a shame.  
    About your love for books...I have the same love...I can't throw a bok out for the life of's just not right!!  LOL.  I use them in displays around my for example...I take a stack of my favs...and then I will put picture frames on them...I mix them in every room in different I never have to get rid of them.  ;)
    Have a great week!!!

  6. My desk needs cleaned too :(  wanna come and do mine now ::giggle:: I know exactly what you mean about the books...i have tons and fact, i just sent a few to anna that i was getting ready to ship of to the thrift store too!! lol.
    Poor c, i hope she feel better soon. I've kept her in my constant prayers! I hope someone is able to tell you what the Hugs & Blessings,

  7. I've got a garage filled with books.  I decorate with books.  I keep almost everything and hate even lending books to people because great books of mine have not been returned to me.  

    Hope your daughter's ear is doing better.  What a nightmare this has been for you!

  8. I just found your journal, but feel an instant kinship.  I LOVE books!  If I wewded out the books I'm afraid the roof would fall in.  Pennie

  9. Sorry I have been away so long.  An awful oversight!  I am saddened to return and find out your daughters ear is still not healed up!  My heart goes out to her, I realize how frustrating this has to be for both of you!  I have tons and tons of books too.  Which bookstore is your fav in Louisville?  I love Twice Told Books on Bardstown!  And I have finally given in and visited Borders downtown (I loved Hawley-Cook) and guess what!!!!I spend money every time I go in there! A great book store.  Much better than Barnes and Nobel.  I don't know why I dislike them, I just do.  Oh, the magazine section in Lex. is the pits, that's why. LOL.  Hope everything turns around for you soon.

  10. Why would he use the same books?  I am so uptight at school, always thinking of the GRE, I would feel so cheated if I am covering the same books.  Do you think he is lazy? My word, the same books.  I may come there just to sneer at him.

    So very proud of you, you have been discussing the state of your desk for some time.  It is clean, is it? Hmmm, I will hope for long.....

    Your poor daughter, oh, I cannot wait until the 24th.  Please let the ENT know what he/she is doing.

    I was the "geek" box? Can you believe that?  It said I am a future leader, but non of the boxes actually tickled my fancy, perhaps the one you are, that seems like I nice one to claim, no box!.

  11. Hi Sweetie,

    CONGRATULATIONS on the desk situation.  You have been wanting to clean it for some time now.  Now you can clean mine LOL!!!!  I also have too many books.  I plan to sell some on ebay.  

    I am still praying for your daughter's ear.  No, the nurse had no business saying that in front of her.

    I am here if you want to talk.