Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just taking up space...

I cleaned my desk off...(HUGE MOMENTOUS EVENT) looks really's been a long time since I've seen the surface of it, you know? 
I actually did a sort-of overhaul to try to make room for more books in here...It didn't really work.  I have limited space (a VERY small house) so I'm constantly trying to weed out my books to make room for new ones.  The problem is, I usually don't buy a book unless it's something I plan on keeping, so, invariably, more comes in than goes out.
The class I'm taking this semester (Radical Fiction) is taught by the same guy I had last year...and the first two books he's having us read are the same ones he made us read last time: Jack London's The Iron Heel (great book, I kept this one) and Emma Goldman's Anarchism and Other Essays.  I'm not an Emma Goldman fan, so she was in the Salvation Army bag ready to go when I first went to the class this week...thank goodness they hadn't picked up yet, I saved $$$...the moral is you should keep ALL books and just rent a warehouse to keep the excess.  Wouldn't that be awesome?
Update on daughter's ear:  Went to the doctor this week and he took the wick out with a skinny tweezer type daughter was very VERY nervous and scared, and this nurse didn't help: "Why are you here today?", and then, "Oh my goodness, that is terrible, I've never heard of this happening!"  What kind of nurse says something alarming like this in front of a child?
Doctor said to keep giving her the antibiotic eardrops until they're gone, as ear is still not better...her ear has gotten more and more swollen every day this week...I'm going to stop now because it's depressing me even more to write about this...I've latched on to January 24th as THE DAY that all of our problems will be solved!
Here's my results to this quiz, I thought it was pretty funny and accurate:
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