Sunday, January 23, 2005

The time has come...

And I never thought I would say it, but…I need to get a second phone line. My daughter has morphed into a teenager-type person, seemingly overnight. She and her little giggly friends are on the phone with each other for HOURS and HOURS, talking about who-knows-what…
I can’t even get online until after she goes to bed, and my journaling has been severely affected by this!
I’m just so happy that she finally has a group of friends to talk to, that’s why I’m willing to just let her talk, it’s wonderful to see her so happy!
Oh, and the time has also come…
For the ENT appointment! Yay! Tomorrow, we FINALLY go to the new ENT and will find out (hopefully?!) exactly what is going on with her ear and what to do next… (The latest update: Last week, the doctor took her off the eardrops, thinking that maybe there was some kind of fungal thing causing it to not heal, as she had regressed and her ear was just as swollen and draining as it was a month ago…so he put her on an oral steroid and an oral anti-fungal medicine, she also is taking Tylenol with codeine at night for the pain.)
I had a little meltdown the other night, as I was tucking her into bed and thinking that her ear was never ever going to get better…I know that is not true, but in the middle of the night when you’re alone and stressed, your mind does bad things to you sometimes…my family was asleep and I desperately needed someone to talk to…and I remembered that I had the most wonderful friends online who are always there for me…Thank You to all my dear friends who think about and pray for us and send healing thoughts our way, and thank you especially, Julie, Angel, and Anna, you really, really helped me this week when I needed it, I love you all.


  1. I am so glad the appointment is tomorrow. What ear does she use for the phone? LOL!  Poor thing.  I do hope she gets better.  

    I meant to tell you somewhere, I may have missed commenting, I read but not always comment, I am so proud that you cleared your desk.  It gave me motivation to work on my box of "papers". Finally, I said, if I have not went through this box in so long, then I can live without these papers.  My shredder was burning baby, burning.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Hi Sweetie,

    I am glad your daughter sees the ENT doctor tomorrow.  I sure hope it is nothing serious.  I am praying for her.  No, you don't need to be stressed.  

    I am glad that she has all these friends but it would help to get another phone line or maybe DSL.

    I don't have children to interupt my online activities, it is my crazy lifestyle.

    I am also here when you need me.  If I am not online, you can email me and I will catch up with you and find you.


  3. Good luck with your daughter.  My daughter is the same way on the phones...

  4. I Love you too chic! I'm glad C has finally been able to see a doctor who knows whats going on and cares! You all have been in my prayers. Hang in there! I know it seems bleak sometimes, but you guys will make it through this!
    btw- the older they get to being teens, they more they're on the phone! A 2nd line might be a good idea! :::giggle:::
    Love & Hugs,

  5. Why did I net get the alert for this entry!!!  :::sigh:::  I only have one alert for all these you have posted.  : (

    Since I read above about your daughter and the ENT I will just reply here about that.  I am so glad that the appointment finally got here and it is someone who will help her finally get better.  I have been keeping her in my thoughts and prayers, and will continue to do so.  I worry about you guys!!!  And you know I am always here for you!!  I just hope and pray this is finally the answer to getting her to feel much better and be pain free for a long time to come.  

    ((((huge hugs for both of you))))