Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a dc tale...

It was our last stop in Washington D.C, before we started our journey back home.  We were in Union Station...everyone else on the trip was getting their last minute souvenir shopping done.  C and I were sitting at one of the coffee shops biding the time until we could get back on the bus. 

But one of the moms stopped by and asked me to go with her to help pick out a T-shirt...

So we traipse off to this little but VERY pricey souvenir shop in the middle of Union Station.  Pricey and CROWDED...

So C spills her chocolate coffee all over her shirt and the floor...oops...

"Oh no, I can't get back on the bus looking like this, I have to buy a new shirt!"

So she picks out a souvenir T-shirt...

By the time she gets up to the register she realizes that she's been holding the new shirt against the shirt she's wearing that she spilled coffee all over and now the new shirt that she hasn't bought yet is ruined...

She explains to the lady at the counter who looks at her in disbelief since she already spilled coffee on the floor...then the lady swallows and says "that's okay, just pick out a new one"...

So C picks out a new shirt and all is well until money is being exchanged and C swings her foot and it crashes against the bottom shelf underneath the counter and the shelf falls and about fifteen souvenir GLASS MUGS crash spectacularly to the floor.

And the store falls into complete silence and there's little pieces of glass all over the floor.

I'm just staring at the counter lady waiting for her to call the police on me, afraid that this is one disaster too many for her to take.

But I have to hand it to these DC people, she just gulped, and picked up her radio, and muttered into it, and then said to me very quickly,"it's okay, it happens all the time"...but even clueless me could hear the PLEASE LEAVE NOW subtext beneath her words.

I've never moved that quickly in my life.

But C does have a really cute T-shirt now...


  1. Bless your heart! I would have died right there, on the spot.


  2. WoW!  I'm sure the new shirt look good.  LOL!

    WoW!  I've been away from reading these Journals at AOL for a while.  I've been over at "myspace."

    Take Care,  ~Rhonda~

  3. Yikes!!  I think I would have turned thirty shades of red, and started crying!!  I bet her shirt looks great tho!!  :)