Sunday, November 13, 2005

I was always here...

So much drama, all the time... God save me from the thirteen-year old girl...
(sigh) ... enough said ... let's move on ...
I won a $200 airline gift certificate at work Friday.  Wow!  I never win anything, I couldn't believe it...
Now my daughter, my mother, and my boyfriend all think that I should take them with me wherever I go.
I'm leaning toward going BY MYSELF...
and do I really have to come back? 
On second thought, I won't go by myself.  I'll take MY KITTY with me!


  1. I have missed you!!!!!!

    Congrats on the airline ticket!!  How cool!!  I think I would be just like you and thinking of where I could go for some alone time!!  ;)


  2. Every Mom should be blessed with a Drama Queen! lol lol See, your's is just in the stages Rain has been through already and I can so appreciate it and chuckle! I can give you some warnings, you could be prepared! BUT!!! That would take all the fun out of it! lol Just teasing! Good luck! These lil girls should have come with better instructions! lol

  3. Your idea of you and the kitty is FABULOUS! I am voting for that one..