Monday, November 14, 2005


My sweet little kitty has a suitor.  Or should I say, an admirer?
Or should I say, a stalker?
Mr.Morris, the orange tabby from down the street, seems to have developed a HUGE crush on my sweet Josie. 
I know when he's around because Josie, instead of resting peacefully on her windowsill, starts trilling and hiding and peeking out from behind the curtains.  That means HE is out there...sitting on our front porch...just STARING at her through the window. 
It's very creepy!
Go away, Mr.Morris!  My sweet little eight-month old kitty is NOT allowed out of the house, and she's too young to date anyway!
And she's been fixed so I know she isn't sending out any, you know, SIGNALS or anything...
He's out there AGAIN!  Just sitting there with a lovestruck look on his face...
I swear, I can almost see my kitty blushing...


  1. You stick your ground and don't let her date!!!  



  2. Mr. Morris is obviously looking for a little...... kitty <eg> Stand your ground Mommy. She is definitely too little to date!

  3. That is so sweet..kitty love.