Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oh, come on...

I watched the Country Music awards tonight ONLY because I wanted to see my boy Elton and my girl Dolly sing together...
Apparently, the producers of the show knew that this was the only reason I would watch, so I kept hearing, "Coming up, Elton and Dolly...", and I kept falling for it, until there was only ten minutes left to the show and they FINALLY came on stage!
Which is worse, TV producers and their diabolical plans to keep you glued to your screen...or people like me, who are so utterly predictable?
'Imagine' Elton and Dolly together...somehow not quite what I expected, but they both make so happy...so it's all good...
Favorite song by Dolly Parton: 'Coat of Many Colors'
Favorite song by Elton John: 'Michelle's Song', of course!
(Heh, I just used this nifty new spell check thing...AOL is just getting sooo high tech...it unfortunately just told me I was spelling my name wrong...who knew?)


  1. Yep, you get a nifty new spell check.... and SPAM <LOL> Can you believe that they are now putting banner ads on Journals of PAYING customers <shaking head> What next??? We watched most of the CMAs also, but I had to take a break from 9 till 10 to catch my new favorite show Supernatural.

  2. I never get to watch tv here. :(  Josh always has on Power Rangers or we are working hard on writing, reading, math, flash cards, reading, writing....yeah, not much time for tv then.  :(
    Glad you enjoyed it even tho you had to wait to so long.  


    I love that song by Elton too!  ;)

  3. HAHAH!!! regarding the spell check thingie.

  4. I saw a clip of those two singing. It was really good.

    I agree with you on the spell check thing...LOL


  5. I love both of them....DOlly has always been so inspirational to me, as an Appalachian woman...