Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Why haven't I been online much?
1. Because I've been too busy playing with my new kitty.
2. Because my daughter is now a social butterfly and SHE has to be online all the time, IM-ing her friends...when she's not talking to them on the telephone, that is...
3. Because I'm lazy lazy lazy...
Yes...all that...
oh, and...
4. My arm hurts.
Saturday is D's birthday and I have NO idea what to get for him...for nine years now, I have gone through this same dilemma.  What do you get for someone who works seventy hours a week and has no time to pursue outside interests?  (except for me...he likes me... :) )   (and there's also that whole WWE thing that he has to record twice a week...which I try my hardest to ignore and not make fun of...)
Right.  The answer would be...a watch.  And also clothes, since everyone needs those...
He has something like, oh, nine watches, I think?  All from me...


  1. Ahhh...the joys of the social butterfly daughter!!  LOL
    Happy birthday to D!!!  What about DVD's of WWF?  Just a thought...
    What happen to your arm???  And where are the pictures of the kitty??????


  2. I'm a new kitten slacker too. LOL How about a WWE t-shirt for D? Or boxers?

  3. I want a kitty to play with!
    Lol, good to hear you've been having fun.
    Happy Birthday to D, I'm sure another watch will be just what he wants :o)
    Sara   x

  4. we all go thru these "little breaks" from long as you eventually come back, then all is fine.  I'm so happy that C is blossoming as a butterfly!  Now her mom could take a few lessons from her.  lol     (your #3 reason should be tattooed on my butt!  lol)

    I know EXACTLY what to get D.  A very sexy nightie complete with silky bikini undies or g-string!!!   YEAH, true, YOU would be wearing it!  But the smile on his face will last until next year, I haven't a doubt!!!   ((don't give me any crap about your weight or your body either!!!  excuses, excuses))

    i love you, chick!!!  and i send many kisses to my C bear.

  5. Happy Birthday to D! And, i'm thinking Lingerie is the ticket here<eg>