Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pillows and Empty Spaces

Music: Angels & Airwaves - The Gift

We are not supposed to have hurricanes in Kentucky.

I mean, did Ike even bother to look at the map? We are way up in the middle of the continent... we get a little rain sometimes from the hurricanes, but that's supposed to be it.

But nooo, Hurricane Ike blew through here Sunday, still packing hurricane force winds, and brought my city to a standstill like I haven't seen since the Great Blizzard of '94.

And it didn't even rain... with wind alone Ike managed to knock out 75% of the city's power, bring down hundreds of trees and power lines, and get the kids off school for the whole week.

I finally got to go back to work yesterday when they got the power back on (yippee!), and found a gas station near work that actually has gas, so things are looking up. My neighborhood is still completely in the dark, and the problem is food... we've been living on peanut butter and soup and I'm seriously, SERIOUSLY, considering going for these free food rations they keep saying they're giving out downtown and at the fairgrounds.

But even though lots of neighborhoods are still in the dark, and that's fine, there is that big huge golf thing starting tomorrow in town, the Ryder Cup... hopefully all the electricity around that event is back on! And I'm not being the least bit facetious about this...

So, this year, we've had an amazing ice storm... a rockin' earthquake... and Hurricane Ike. This is not North Dakota, California, or Florida. This is KENTUCKY, we have it all.