Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm ready for the madness...

Music: The Cure - Just Like Heaven

I'm going down to Lexington tomorrow to stand in line for my midnight madness tickets... only it's not midnight madness anymore, it's BIG BLUE MADNESS, and for the last few years I've had my tickets given to me by friends and I haven't actually earned them like a REAL fan by standing in line all night like you're supposed to... It's time for me to Earn My Tickets.

Of course if I was a real, raging lunatic fan, I would have gone down there Tuesday with a tent like my friend's husband did... But since I don't have any vacation days because I used them all up by the middle of February, that wasn't really an option.

I should really be going to bed now, since I'll be up all night tomorrow... but I'm just so excited...

It has to be said, I can't help it, even though there's no game, and not even a practice, it's still basketball time, so...

Go Cats!

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