Sunday, January 8, 2006 long has it been?...

I have so many things I want to say...but I never seem to be able to get online anymore...
It's almost like my life is getting in my way...but, you know, "WHAT LIFE?!"
I work too much overtime.  Who knew that getting a raise at work also meant more responsibility and more, you know, work?
My daughter is all mean and moody and teenager-y...mean mean mean (that's what she calls me all the time, but we know who's really the mean one here, and it's the one with all the teen hormones and the slamming-door issues...),
(Well, she's mostly moody except for when she does that Jekyll/Hyde thing and turns into my sweet wonderful daughter again for a few hours a day, how many years does this schizophrenic-teen-act last, anyway, and then I can have the sweet wonderful girl back for good?)
So, let's else?
D is his regular self...C is about to drive him crazy but he doesn't freak out like I do, he is actually able to relate to her in a calm, reasonable manner and get through to her.
D is awesome and I don't appreciate him like I should, I need to work on that.
What else?...
My kitty is SOOOOO BIG.  She is not even a year old yet and she is the biggest cat any of us have ever seen.  The fact that she's so big and that she has such fluffy long hair makes us think that she's partly Maine Coon.
Here she is, taking up both of my pillows (and yes, I do have Goofy pillows, stop laughing!):
Picture from Hometown