Thursday, September 8, 2005

Adolescence (sigh)...Can I hang on?

We're late for school and work in the morning because my daughter can't put the kitty down.  She's late going to bed at night because she can't put the kitty down.  The poor kitty has to grab her sleep where she can...the minute C leaves the house, I swear I can see the kitty heave a big sigh of relief...
But seriously, my daughter at 13 is sooo much harder to deal with than she was at 12.  How many more years of this do I have to survive?  I looked in the mirror the other day and nearly died, I suddenly have WRINKLES, thanks to her...
For the last month all I've done is work, get into arguments with my teenage (oh. my. goodness) daughter, and play with my sweet adorable least MY KITTY doesn't talk back to me!
Here she is:
Picture from Hometown  
My innocent little kitty, who NEVER gets in trouble... :)