Monday, February 16, 2004

If a tree falls...

One thing I regret: Lurking for eight years and never having the courage to speak up, anywhere.  I'm invisible (and I'm wet).

Of course, tonight in class, with the dear Dr. threatening to give bad class participation grades unless we SPEAK UP, I spoke up.  Against my better judgment and everything I believe in (e.g, keeping my mouth shut).  

And, of course, after I spoke I got the same dumbfounded look I always get when I try to contribute:  

silence...silence...and then, "Okay"..."Huh"..."So anyway...". 


  1. Two questions:  1) I'd like to understand your first paragraph.  Lurking 8 years and never having the courage to speak up.  Please explain that to me.
    2)  You spoke up in class about what?  I'd like to know why their response was silence.  What exactly did you say??

  2. What I meant by the 'eight years' comment is that this is how long I've been online, but I've never done anything with it.  I would read insightful or provoking things on Usenet, etc., but I never responded.  I'm kind of timid.  I'm still like that, too.  I really want to speak up sometimes when I don't agree with something, or might be able to add another viewpoint, but I'm terrified that it may result in conflict.

    It's the same thing with me in real life.  I can't even remember what comment it was that I made, just that it went against what some other students were saying.  I didn't say anything after that.

    I need courage.  I'll work on that.

  3. I can understand not wanting to create conflict.  Believe me!  

    But think of it this way, you might give a viewpoint that no one had thought of, and it would open the way to a wonderful debate.  I'd rather have honesty, then someone quietly nodding along, but secretly disagreeing.  I've known too many people who keep the truth quiet until its behind your back, then they let loose.  How horribly painful is that.  

    Words of encouragement:  Don't ever be afraid to speak your mind.  Your opinion is just as valuable as everybody else's.  If I was sitting in that class, I would welcome the more input from different sources as possible.  It is always helpful to see as much of the picture as I can.  Who knows?  You might say something that I really really need to hear!

  4. Great post !

    You created history by writing this post 9 years, 5 months and 4 days ago. One of the senior bloggers on this Blogger platform. Hope Blogger will honor you soon !!

    I rarely come across senior bloggers like you. When you go through blogs you will see so many bloggers simply discontinued posting or never could write a single post after signing up.

    You don't need to speak up to voice your opinion, you can very well write and publish. There are poster presentations in international Conferences, you just stand there beside your poster and explain things. No need to get onto stage. Writing is an effective tool of communication. You are a talented writer.

    Staying here on this Blogger platform for so long is awesome ! I am new to blogging and I know it is not easy to blog consistently. People like you keeps me motivated.

    Happy blogging ! Best of luck !

    1. Hi Rajiv,

      Thank you so much! That's so very kind of you to say.

      I really didn't always blog consistently. I went through a couple of rough times and only managed to post sporadically.

      But I truly love this blog so I kept with it, even when the only one reading it was me LOL!

      Thank you again :),


    2. Sporadic postings during rough times is what is called consistency. That is a lot better than posting nothing for a longgg time :)

      Very few people have continued blogging like this for years just for the love of blogging.

      The period when you were the only one reading it, well I can imagine the feelings !

      Awesome blog and blogger !

    3. Hi Rajiv,
      That is such a nice thing to say! Thank you so much!

  5. Some people lurk forever. I'm thankful you weren't one of those people.

    1. Thank you! :) And thanks so much for venturing back all this way!

    2. I always say if you're going to do something, do it all the way...go for the gusto!