Saturday, April 29, 2006

i've seen the shark...

I've gone private...
or at least I think I have.  It doesn't say 'private journal' underneath my thing like it does on other journals...
and how do I add additional people?
I'm very confused...
EDIT! Oh about immediate gratification...I hit save and poof! like magic, the words 'Private journal' are right up there where they're supposed to be, along with the words 'add readers'...
It's all very exciting.


  1. Michelle, thanks for adding me to your list.  Even though I havent jurnaled in a while and have left off doing comments I thought I'd add one today.  I still recieve alerts on this journal.  thanks   john

  2. hey hey hey....thanks fo adding me...I know I have been MIA for a while...but the new job is kicking my butt....and life still goes on all around got you on alerts!


  3. Thank you for the invite :o)
    Sara   x

  4. :::Waving my hands:::  I'm here!!!  :)
    Thanks for the invite!!  


  5. I found my way over here too! Thank you for including me... I would miss you!

  6. Hugs to ya.  I haven't started a privet Journal yet.  But if I did, Boy I really coud cut loose with what I really think of some ugly people I've known.  But then I do try to stay mostly positive. LOL!  Bless always,  Rhonda