Saturday, October 1, 2005

It's time to go back...

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #79: Chicago!:The last time I went to Chicago, I posted an entry on it here...

I love THE LAKE...I love the Chicago River, and the way that it winds through the city...I love the Planetarium, and the dolphin show at the Shedd Aquarium...

I love learning the history of Chicago, and that there's so much of it...I love being in a city that was nearly burned to the ground but never gave up, and instead rebuilt itself a thousand times better...I love the architecture and the skyline and especially the Hancock Observatory...

I love that I can see where the Haymarket affair happened...I love that I can stand at the old Water Tower...

I REALLY love the Chicago Cubs.

And the zoo there is amazing, and FREE...

My favorite thing about Chicago is the fact that, while I've visited other big cities, it's only in Chicago that I feel like I'm at home.  More than anywhere else, it truly is America's City...

That's why the
'America Windows' couldn't possibly have been anywhere else!

Picture from Hometown


  1. I know little or nothing about Chicago...but this entry makes me want to visit there now.

  2. Those windows are stunning, I love them!
    Also, Chicago is the nearest big city to my cousin Lyz, so it's definately a place I plan to see one day :o)
    Sara   x

  3. Ahh...yes, everything you said about Chicago is true!!  We haven't been there in so long...Can't wait to start taking Josh to all there is to offer there in museums and the aquarium!!  :)


  4. I'm headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks for a day. I can't wait.